Hello all,

I’m sorry about the hiatus, had to get through the final exams alive. I hope you are all having a great holiday season. I am a little sick myself but trust me I don’t let that get in the way of enjoying this great time of year.

I wanted to write a post that is related to Christmas today.

Here’s my Christmas wishlist:

I wish that those of you who have been loyal and have been reading my posts have benefited from them.

I wish that my posts will always be helpful for you.

I wish that those of you who like languages like me, know how to say Merry Christmas in a few extra languages.

I wish that you are all healthy and happy and practicing what you have taught yourself so far.

I wish that someone gives you that translator/dictionary/CD/book (related to language learning) that you have been wanting, for Christmas.

I hope you and your family have an amazing day together.

If you are away from your family, I wish that you remember that our friends are there for us when we our families can’t be.

Happy Holidays!