Ever wonder how someone you know learns a language in a few months, but you are still only able to say Bonjour? Not everyone has time for a language class or the means to travel, so here are a couple of tried and true methods that you can use to help you at least learn the conversational basics in a language.

For the purpose of simplicity lets say you want to learn French. The first method of learning French would be for you to find French movies in a genre that you like, and watch them during your free time, the more the better. You also need to read books, and you have to have a good French-English dictionary by your side at all times. Also when looking at your search history, Google translate and dictionary.com should be in your top searches. Once you start feeling a little comfortable with the language, you need to change the language on your facebook page, your cellphone, your computer and any other appliances that you use to French. This is a long yet rewarding process, but as you can see you need to put in the work.

The second method of learning French would be for you to find at least one or two people who speak French and befriend them, (funny but true side note: make sure they like you). While getting to know them find out what it is that they want to learn, maybe they want to improve their English, or they want to learn how to skateboard and you just happen to be a skateboarder. So, find out what you can do for them, and once you find what it is, bring it up in a conversation, make sure you mention how great you are at this particular thing. When they ask you to teach it to them you say something along these lines of “Sure! It will be great. You can teach me French and I can teach you how to skateboard.” Once they agree, always have a pen and paper handy, during normal conversations when one of you says something that you think you need to know in French just say “how do you say that in French” and write it down. Ask about their favorite French movies and offer to watch it with them, again pen in hand.

I hope this helps you learn that language you have been dreaming about for years.

Bonne Chance!