Do you ever wonder why someone is violating your personal bubble and not even thinking twice about it? Don’t label them as “creepy” just yet. Depending on where a person was raised and the type of family structure that they had growing up, different people have different standards for what’s too close.

People from a more western culture usually tend to stand farther away from each other as opposed to the eastern influenced people. I have also noticed that people from tight knit families have a closer personal bubble compared to people from a stricter family structure. Also I have learned from personal experience that depending on religious beliefs the male to female levels of closeness differs. If you are a man and are meeting a Muslim women it is generally a better idea to maintain a certain amount of space unless you are very well acquainted, the same goes for a female and a Muslim man, however members of the same sex can stand very close to each other in a Islamic culture and it would not matter.

When I came to the United States I noticed that this may actually be the complete opposite. So if you notice that a Middle Eastern or Asian person, male or female, standing too close to you it’s just that they don’t tend to have a personal bubble that’s as big as yours. You might even notice that as you try to step back they will step forward, they might eventually think that you don’t like them or are truly bothered by them personally.

Keep this in mind the next time you notice someone is standing to close to you, try to step back and watch the two of you get into a little dance.

Have a bubbly one!


Photo by Yoichi Okamoto