So I am thinking of starting a video series about language and saying basic things like “hello” and “thank you” in the right way, depending on the culture, and with the right pronunciation. I was speaking about this to someone, who shall remain anonymous, and they said “so what makes you an expert?” I thought about it and realized that I first need to write a post to prove my credibility.

Research (this is just one article) has shown that children who hear more than one language while growing up are wired better for hearing and understanding sounds that are “foreign.” The reason I brought up this discovery is that I am one of those children. I was fortunate enough to be in that kind of environment. I was born in Iran, where the language is Farsi, yet when I was about two and a half years old my family relocated to the United Arab Emirates, where the language is Arabic. However since only 10% of the population are locals and the rest are ex-patriots, English is very commonly used. So from that age I started hearing, Arabic, English, Farsi and a few other ones here and there.

I speak six languages currently and am working on number seven. I guess this might explain why I am a credible enough source for these videos. I am very excited about them, since it gives me an opportunity to share a true passion of mine that I have with all of you, I love languages and being able to communicate with others in their own tongue. I hope to ignite this passion in you. Stay tuned they will be coming up soon.

Speak away!