So today I went to the the UNR Vs. UNLV football game. There was a large group of us from all over the world, including the United States. We were the only group of people, waiting in line for tickets, that were laughing and playing silly little games and joking around and cheering for the team, most of the other groups were just saying things like “how much longer do we have to wait” and so on.

We were teaching each other things in our languages, and just learning things that we would never learn otherwise. We are like a family and a lot more close knit compared to friends that we have that are closer to our own cultures. We chose to be friends for reasons other than similarity in culture. This allows for a healthier friendship and lets face it, it truly is a good experience. It might be because we are away from home and that’s why we find comfort in each other but what I have noticed is that people try to stay with their own kind to make up for being away from home.

I don’t get along with people because of culture similarities I tend to like people who are just friendly and easy to talk to, this may be the reason why almost all of the friends that I have made since high school are still my friends and we keep in touch despite the fact that most of us are in different countries and cities. Today I learned a big lesson, my friends are like an international family to me and I don’t think I could go through life without them on my side.

Find friends like mine!