I did say that I will start a video series soon, but I am putting it off for this week since I have something that I really wanted to write about. One thing that I have said myself and heard from others time and time again, is that Reno is boring and it’s small and there is nothing to do, and so on. As much as I agree with this, especially because I love big cities, I have noticed one thing about Reno that makes it very special.

Photo Credit: Steven Blane.

What is it you might ask, and wonder if I’m talking about its closeness to Tahoe or the unpredictable weather. Well, the truth is that I am talking about the international student community in Reno. I have friends who go to Universities all over the country, and they ask me how I know so many people and have so many friends that I am very close to. My friends also seem to know people in other states who ask them the same question. There is always something going on and gatherings are happening as I write this even. We are from all over the world, and we literally represent almost every culture, language and religion out there.

I don’t know what it is, is it the city (the fact that it’s small), is it just the luck of the draw and the international students who come here are “awesome” or is it specifically the university that attracts a certain kind of international student? I don’t think I can ever figure it out, but it is amazing to me the number of times I have heard people say that they are jealous of us here in Reno. A friend of mine used to study here and is now in the east coast, she always says that the people there are nice but it’s nothing like Reno. Even when I speak to friends that are in other cities or even other countries they tell me something along the lines of “wow your friends seem so great, and you are always doing something different and fun! How come I don’t see this here?”

I hope I one day I figure out the secret to Reno’s quote on quote international student “awesomeness” but until then I am just going to enjoy it, and hope that it will never change, even after my generation has moved on to different places.

Here’s to Reno!