My last post, gave you suggestions for Japanese romantic comedy dramas, so that you can watch them and hopefully familiarize yourself with the language. This time I am giving you two more suggestions but these are more on the comedy side.

My first recommendation is “Gokusen” this is a very popular Japanese series, it was followed by 2 more seasons, “Gokusen 2 and Gokusen 3” which is rare when it comes to Asian TV series and only happens in the case of extreme success for the show.

Here is the image and synopsis of the first season from MySoju.

“Newly graduate Yamaguchi Kumiko an idealistic teacher who entered Shirokin High to be a math teacher. Having high hopes for her students, her world turned upside down when she finds out that she’ll be teaching class 3-D the hardest class to take care of. Class 3-D is a bunch of students who look more like delinquents and trouble makers. The students show no respect to teachers nor any kindness. Each and every student doesn’t like teacher for almost everyone has no good memories of them. The leader of the class is Sawada Shin. He is well respected for there are rumors that he beat a teacher to death. The students try their hardest to bully and make fun of her so she’ll quit but all their efforts went to waste because Yamaguchi ain’t an ordinary Teacher. Yamaguchi Kumiko is actually the 4th generation heir to Oedo group, a yakuza clan. Even though everyone in there clan wants her to be the next leader, she made up her mind and so everyone accepted it. Eventually in the story, the students found out that she is different from other teachers and earned their respect.”

This is for those of you who enjoy excitement and like to laugh, I hope you like it enough to want to see the other 2 seasons, this will obviously help you more with your Japanese.

The next one I want to recommend is notoriously funny and well known, it’s called “Waterboys,” and there is a movie and a drama, but I am specifically talking about the drama which has 2 seasons, again simply because of it’s popularity.

Here is the picture and synopsis from MySoju

“Five high-school boys bring fame to a small town in Japan, when they form a “men’s synchronized swimming club.” Their involvement and struggles while learning synchronized swimming – known to be a sport for girls – brings much attention to their school and town. The Fuji Television drama “Water Boys” shows how these young boys fight to learn synchronized swimming, fall in love, and enjoy friendship with one another.”

As I mentioned there are 2 seasons for this drama but I do have to say that the first season is a must watch, more so than the second one even though the second season is also full of laughs.

I hope you laugh your way into knowing more than just “Arigato” and “Konichiwa.”

Laugh away!