In my Japanese language series, I mentioned that I myself am learning Korean right now, and I’m doing so by watching Korean dramas and Movies. I’m going to have a series of posts recommending Korean dramas in different genres and then I will get into some more language learning methods. These dramas are not only interesting but they will allow you to familiarize yourself with the Korean language and start to learn more as you keep watching. I promise you will pick up quite a few bits and pieces of the language by the end of it.

My first 2 suggestions are going to be my personal 2 all time favorite Korean dramas, they are both romantic comedies, but they are not too dramatic or “cheesey” as some might call many of the Korean romance dramas.

The first one is called “My name is Kim Sam Soon” or “My lovely Sam Soon” but most people just call it either “Sam Soon” or “Kim Sam Soon.” The story line has bits of comedy, romance, and drama in it, and it tends to keep you on your toes a little bit if you fall in love with the female lead’s character the way I did. She’s outspoken and funny, and quite unconventional.

This is the Picture I got from MySoju

Synopsis from Hulu

“Kim Sam Soon is a 30-year old, unemployed patissier who was recently dumped by her cheating boyfriend. Hyun Jin Heon is an arrogant 27-year old restaurant owner who thinks she’s pathetic, but hires her based on her excellent pastry skills. Things become complicated when he proposes that they begin a fake relationship to get his mother off his back. Kim Sun Ah famously gained weight to fit the role better. Touted as the “Bridget Jones Diary” in Korea, “My Lovely Sam Soon” won numerous awards, including best drama at the Paeksang Awards and Seoul Drama Awards.”
My next suggestion is the extremely popular Korean drama “Coffee Prince.”
Once again a great female lead, she is one of my favorite actresses in general, and anyone I know who has watched this drama will say that the relationship between the male and female lead is comical, intense, and real. You can’t help but like the characters in this drama.
Here is the image and synopsis from Hulu
“Han Kyul, the handsome son of a wealthy hotelier family, is set in his bachelor lifestyle and does not believe in commitment. To avoid his family’s constant pressure for him to marry, he decides to pay someone, Eun Chan to pretend to be his gay partner. Trouble starts when Han Kyul begins to fall in love with Eun Chan. This romantic comedy was quite provocative when it aired in Korea with its topics of homosexuality. However, Coffee Prince went on to win many awards, including 2007 MBC Acting Awards for Yoon Eun Hye and Gong Yoo, as well as the best TV drama award in the 2008 Korean Producers’ Award. It has aired throughout Asia, with special popularity in the Philippines, where Martin Nievera sang the theme song “Because of You.” It has aired worldwide from Israel to Zimbabwe.”
I hope that if you are interested in the Korean language, that you watch and enjoy these dramas, they are a fun way to learn and I’m sure you will be recommending them to others.
Annyeong for now!