The other day I was spending the evening with a group of my friends, who all actually live in the same house. They are a group of girls from all over the world, 4 Japanese, 1 Chinese, 1 Russian, and 2 Mexican. These girls are amazing, I think I will even be moving into this house at some point. The girls’ house as we like to call it, is an amazing place that is always filled with laughter, none of these girls speak English as their first language and they are from different cultures, but either way they communicate well and get along and are like a family, they are my family in so many ways.

I was sitting down talking to them and trying to figure out what I should blog about  in my next post, and one of them says, “write about us and this house, make us famous, tell your readers about us.” I thought about it for a minute and realized that it actually makes a lot of sense. My blog is about me being in a culture besides my own, and being a legal alien my whole life, and I talk about being friends with cultures besides your own to everyone every chance I get. This house is the image of internationalism and people from different cultures living under one roof as a family. This house and the people who live in it are amazing shining examples of tolerance and a the lack of racism. The person who rents this house out to these girls, is a kindhearted American lady who is actively involved with international students and brings us all together.

Every once in a while a new person moves in to the house, and not one of these girls is even slightly bothered (in a negative way at least) about where the new girl might be from. They are friendly and welcoming and especially helpful if the new girl is new to the country and has trouble with English.

From the very bottom of my heart I hope to see the countries of the world have the same relationship that these girls have with each other, they are friends with each other because of their kind personalities and understanding of each other’s differences, and they overlook race and language and skin color.

World Peace Anyone?