The other day a friend was helping me out with some Korean words, and I “realized” something very obvious. Once you get the basics down in a language then it will be easier to start forming sentences and then it’s all downhill from there. The basics are always the way you are supposed to start something, right?

Usually if you learn a language in a formal class setting, you would start with  the alphabet (if it is new to you), greetings, basic grammar and so on. However when I say basics, it is different because the way that I suggest for you to learn a language is different.

When I say basics in an unconventional language learning system, I mean something else. After you have learned the greetings, (which is what you will probably learn through movies anyway), you should take something, either yourself, your house, your friend, your car, whatever you want, and right a basic description of it, including superlatives, and words like “and,” “with,” “also” etc. Do this in English (or whatever language you are more comfortable with), and KEEP IT SIMPLE!

If you have a friend who speaks the language you want to learn ask him/her to translate each word for you, not the paragraph as a whole. Once you have the translation of each of those words, you will have a list of descriptive words and many other words that can help you form sentences.

Memorize these words at your own pace and with whatever system that works for you. For me personally I remember a word better once I write it using the English alphabet and read my own handwriting a few times.

Once you have those words, then try to form some basic descriptive sentences about things or people besides what you initially wrote about. This will help you with vocabulary and grammar and you will learn some sentence structure.               Good Luck!

Basically in love with language,