I wanted to have an outlook besides my own about language learning, so I asked a friend of mine who is from South Korea, who has been in the states for about 4 months now. I help him with his English and give him mini impromptu lessons during our conversations.

I wanted to know how learning a language is for him. I asked him if he has come across any particular tips or strategies that make learning English easier for him. The first thing he said was that, if the grammar structure of your language is different from the one you are trying to learn, it is sometimes easier to stop asking why and to stop trying to understand the rules and just memorize how to say certain things.

This makes a lot of sense to me since many times I was trying to learn something in a different language and I was trying to learn why a statement is the way it is. I ended up being more confused than enlightened, and realized that I should just remember how to say it correctly.

The next thing he said was that it is a good idea to avoid translating things word for word since it will most likely be wrong. I completely agree with this since once you do that, that is the way that it will be “stuck” in your head. It will be difficult to learn something the right way and get what you initially had out of your head.

He also said something that I had never thought of myself but I think it is in fact a brilliant tip. He said that it is a better idea to learn a new language from a bilingual person, since they would potentially have more sounds in their in their vocabulary and would be able to teach pronunciation much better than a person who is a native speaker and only speaks the one language.

These tips are helpful to me so I hope they are helpful to you as well.

Enjoy this second opinion!