I am an Iranian citizen, but I have lived most of my life outside of Iran as a legal alien. My family moved to Dubai, U.A.E, when I was about two and a half years old and I only went to Iran every once in a while for holidays. I moved to the United States nearly 3 years ago to further my education with a business degree. Living in Dubai meant being around people from all nationalities, races and cultures, since ninety percent of the population are expatriates from all over the world. I am familiar with many languages, I am fluent in English and Farsi, and I can easily hold a basic conversation in any place where the people speak Hindi/Urdu, Spanish, French or Arabic, and I am also currently learning Korean. I have a passion for business and dream of running my own one day, hopefully a restaurant, clothing brand or dance studio. My other love besides culture and business is Music and the art of Dance.

My blog is about being a legal alien, and being around other cultures and knowing how to deal with people from other countries. I hope to help those who want to learn, and allow myself to learn in the process, while hopefully breaking some racial and cultural stereotypes and boundaries.


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